What you need to consider when buying your second property.


If you have already purchased your first home, congratulations! The next step in building wealth for your future could be to plan for the purchase of a second property as an investment. Owning two properties is a great financial ambition and with Australian house prices on the rise, doing so has great potential to improve […]

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To fix or not to fix?


Should you switch to a fixed interest rate product? With the official cash rate at an historical low and the possibility of more RBA rate cuts on the horizon, this is possibly the most frequently asked question of professional mortgage brokers today. Often the question is focused on the timing, with consumers asking if now […]

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Which is the better investment – residential or commercial?

With residential property prices escalating at an unprecedented rate, many investors looking to enter the property market are finding it increasingly difficult to get a foot on the first rung of the property ladder. As an alternative option, more and more investors are investigating the merits of commercial property to help them grow their wealth. […]

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What is ‘rentvesting’? And what are the benefits?


Rentvesting. It’s a whole new word in today’s popular culture, but it also represents a revolution in home buying strategy, particularly for first home buyers and those struggling to move up the property ladder. But what is it? And what are the benefits? What is ‘rentvesting’? Everyone agrees that buying your first home is becoming […]

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